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The best bath-time fun ever for a child - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Posted by Mum1stdoctor2nd on 08 July 2014 at 21:07

Ever since the ace Vitamin B bath I've been thinking of other ways to 'brighten' up bathtime and make use of our blacklight torch. So enter neon paints...

Mum1stdoctor2nd-Is this the best bath-time fun ever for a child? - by Mum1stdoctor2nd-image (1).jpeg
What we used:
  • neon paints
  • a blacklight torch (or light)
  • some paint brushes
  • optional extras (eg stencils)
  • dark bathroom (we have put black card over the windows for a proper effect)
  • a bath
  • an enthusiastic toddler

We got our neon paints from Rainbow Creations along with some awesome sea creature stencils, a paint tray and some pipettes (more about those later).

Mum1stdoctor2nd-Is this the best bath-time fun ever for a child? - by Mum1stdoctor2nd-image (2).jpeg
As soon as we took Doof into the bathroom and he saw the bottles of paints and paintbrushes he started to get excited. So into the (empty) bath we deposited Doof, a palette of neon paints, a couple of paint brushes, some ocean stencils, turned off the lights and turned on the blacklight torch. He loves to paint but we've never tried painting in the bath before or doing it in the dark with a blacklight so I wasn't sure how he actually react.

But he LOVED it. Immediately he put his index finger into the orange paint and then lifted it up doing an ET impression. He then jumped straight into smearing paint on the side of the bath, started using the brushes and even rotated through all the different colours! As a mum who loves messy play, and thinks it is really good for development, I was so proud when he got stuck in so quickly and even started painting himself :)

Mum1stdoctor2nd-The best bath-time fun ever for a child - by Mum1stdoctor2nd-comp 1.JPG

The colours were so vibrant under the blacklight and this activity held his attention for much longer than regular painting does. Initially the plan had been to let him paint the bath, then run the bath and do a bit more painting with the stencils whilst he was having his bath. But in the end, as with most child-led activities, he had other ideas and had so much fun doing the first stage that we never really made it beyond that!

Mum1stdoctor2nd-Is this the best bath-time fun ever for a child? - by Mum1stdoctor2nd-image (5).jpeg

Daddy did one of the stencils for him (crab – "pinch pinch" is his favourite after his noisy Peppa pig book!) and it looked so good – now he is used to painting under blacklight conditions next time we're going to do more stencilling. I think if we tape them onto the side of the bath Doof will easily be able to paint them himself and then we can create a proper "underwater" scene. Come back soon to check out our next neon/blacklight installment :)

Mum1stdoctor2nd-The best bath-time fun ever for a child - by Mum1stdoctor2nd-comp 2.JPG
And onto clean up – obviously we knew the paints were washable but there is always a little bit of doubt but we just crossed our fingers and hoped for the best (even when Doof got a bit over excited and started painting on the tiles and grouting...). But the clean up was so simple – just a couple of baby wipes and all the paint disappeared. So easy that even Doof could do it! You may not want to leave it for an hour, but it was quick and easy to clean up as soon as we dragged him out of the bath.

The paint came off D with the wipes just as easily but as it was his bathtime anyway we half-cleaned him with wipes and then just dunked him in the bath to get the remainder off. And one very clean and happy baby went to bed half an hour later. All in all such a lovely evening :)

And finally, back to the paint tray and pipettes. I can't wait to use the pipettes next time we make a shaving foam sensory bin and the paint tray is the perfect size for doing hand and footprint painting – just right for our next indoor painting session :)

Note this is not a sponsored post and I was not paid for writing it, but Rainbow Creations did supply us with the products for us to try. All opinions are my own (as well as it being my own choice and at my own risk to use the products differently to how they may have been intended). These products are NOT generally suitable for children under three years old and you should make your own decision as to how to supervise your children.

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  • a set of glowsticks to have a cool bath with no mess!

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