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The childrenarewelcome sponsored bloggers at Britmums Live - by Andy

Posted by Andy on 18 June 2014 at 21:22

We're just getting off the ground so what better way to reach out to the blogging world at large than to sponsor some bloggers at Britmums Live, the country's top event for parent bloggers?

Personally, I bottled it. I thought about going to BritMums Live but decided that I am too busy to make it - a toddler, a pregnant wife and setting up a business means that I work longer hours than I ever did in investment banking, as my lovely bloggers can attest to. I'm always there to answer queries from 6am until midnight when something goes wrong with the site. So "I am a bit busy". I also felt that the lack of boobs may be a hindrance. For those of you who follow @the_doofy, you'll notice that he has been quieter lately due to me working harder :( .

If we haven't chatted but you are interested in blogging for us we still have space and feel free to DM me. I will be lurking around bars near the venue to buy drinks over the two days. Alternatively, corner one of our bloggers and ask them about us. My e-mail is here.

So, without further ado, here's the line-up. I want to thank them all for inadvertently beta-testing the site before marketing begins and for all being easy-going and hard-working in equal balance.

How we chose our bloggers

I'll come clean. I have been stalking blogs for a while. Over the last few months I have been reading, absorbing and deciding whose style fits in with our site. I want bloggers who are :

  • honest (we don't do paid posts)
  • literate (I can't stand poor grammar and spelling!)
  • interesting

That got me down to a short-list of ten pretty quickly. There are many more blogs out there that I haven't read and yours may be one of them, but obviously I had to go with what I knew.

Then we went fishing - I put up tweets offering sponsorship and then followed up with everyone who replied, but always at the back of my mind was those ten people.

In the end, I got five out of ten of the ones that I wanted. They weren't necessarily the highest follower counts. They weren't necessarily obvious choices, but the combination is a perfect balance, with a range of children's ages and geographies. I am over the moon about them all, but most importantly I am over the moon about the team assembled!

So, without further ado...and in no particular order

Sharon @teentweentoddle

Sharon was our transfer window signing, coming on board just tonight! I've had a great time with Sharon so far - she has lots of enthusiasm for her area and the fact that she has a range of ages in her children makes her perfect! I am far too toddler focussed at the moment and she makes for a great balance. Sharon is blogging around Leicester and will be extra keen because she signed up so late for Britmums. She is a Britmums virgin so please be gentle with her.

Sharon blogs here

Mandi @bigfamilies

Mandi adds lots. She has one of the best written blogs around and is hugely enthusiastic about days out. She is going to be a great addition to the site, talking about East Anglia, particularly Norfolk and Suffolk. She is so keen on our project that she is treating our website like a game of Risk, gradually expanding around the area. Both her and her hubby are experienced in the local tourism market and with a BIG family bring a brilliant focus on how to organise a day out!

Mandi blogs here

Steph @mummytolittlee

Steph is great. Initially enthusiastic, she now bubbles over with positivity, which hopefully means that she will work hard to make sure that her area is well represented! She is covering Gloucester and other large towns in the area. She doesn't realise yet but she is in for some heavy culture as lots of museums in her area have signed up and need reviewing :)

Steph blogs here

Andrea @BloggerMumma

Andrea kept us on tenterhooks after suffering a knee injury that ruled her out of the World Cup. However, she has managed to make it to her first Britmums, despite planning on taking the most bizarre route to get there that I have EVER heard of! Andrea - London is NOT that scary!!

Andrea is looking after Oxford for us and blogs here.

Clare @emmys_mummy

Clare is based in Essex and is helping us out around places like Waltham Abbey and Broxbourne. She has a great sense of humour, two lovely kids who make for great photos and a husband who is tireless in his devotion to putting up trampolines that she orders without telling him!

Her blog is located here and hopefully we'll see a few of her reviews and days out appearing on the site.

Thanks to all of the bloggers for joining us on our journey. If you are going to BritMums and want to meet up with us one evening to chat about local blogging over a glass of wine then get in touch!


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