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The childrenarewelcome Father's Day Competition! - by Andy

Posted by Andy on 03 June 2014 at 13:36

Not got round to buying a Father's Day Present yet? We've narrowed it down to our favourite 40 from IWOOT. Now all you have to do is tell us which one you would like for the man in your life AND WE'LL PAY FOR IT AND POST IT TO YOU!!!!!!

Yes.... we all hate shopping for Father's Day and can never come up with a good idea. This year, as a dad, I thought that it would be a great idea to help two lucky people out by buying their Father's Day Present for them!

How does it work? Simple :

  • Choose your favourite thing from the 40 items that we have short-listed below.
  • Re-tweet our competition tweet here and follow us if you don't already.
  • Leave one sentence in the comments below saying what you want for the Dad in your life and why we should pick you.

You don't have to log in to comment, but if you don't use your twitter ID, make sure that you leave your Twittername in the post or we won't know that it is you!

Entries close at 9pm on Saturday 7th June and we'll get the IWOOT elves to get it in the post straight away! No cash alternatives and Doofy's decision on the winner is final! Bonus points for humour, haikus and limericks (which are the only reason that we will let you have more than one sentence!!)

Say What You See TV!
Perfect for parties and family gatherings, Say What You See TV! is a quick-fire game that simply requires you to guess the catchpharase that's represented on the pictogram car...
Click for more details
Fetch My Keys - Key Finder
If you're always losing your keys, mans best friend is here to help....
Click for more details
Multi Tool - Aluminium Black
Perfect for camping and barbecues, the Multi Tool - Aluminium Black offers the ultimate in practicality....
Click for more details
Alessi Mami XL Set of 2 White Wine Glass
Part of the Mami collection, the Alessi Mami XL Set of 2 White Wine Glass has been designed with soft, feminine curves that have been taken to the next level....
Click for more details
Smartphone Projector
The Smartphone Projector will allow you to transform your bedroom into a cinema experience for your friends and family....
Click for more details
Ninja BBQ Tools with Apron
Don the apron, take a BBQ utensil in each hand and transform into a BBQ-ing master with the Ninja BBQ Tools and Apron set....
Click for more details
Pint of Beer Sweets
This giant can holds a whopping pint full of beer flavoured sweets, which equates to around 1kg if weights are more your thing....
Click for more details
Brewery Tour and Tasting for Two
Take a tour of one of the finest breweries in England and sample some of the best drinks in the country....
Click for more details
Beer Pong Game
Put your skills to the test with the Beer Pong drinking game....
Click for more details
Spaghetti Western Spaghetti Measurer
Spaghetti is gorgeously tricky to eat and even harder judging how much you need to cook....
Click for more details
ISGLOVES Touchscreen Mittens (Sports Model) - Black
Gloves that keep your hands warm whilst still being able to text with are the design of these award winning ISGLOVES Touchscreen Mittens....
Click for more details
Surprise Mug - I'm a Tw
Office pranks don't get better than this....
Click for more details
Things We Didn't Know Loo Roll
Let the toilet become a place where you can improve your general knowledge (and laugh at the wild claims) with The Things We Didn't know Loo Roll....
Click for more details
ICrayon Touch Stylus for Mobile Devices - Green
This clever iCrayon Touch Stylus makes controlling your iPhone, Android device or iPad child's play! Touch screen technology is great but it's impossible to not get your devic...
Click for more details
Father and Son Father's Day Photoshoot
A Father's Day present doesn't get better than a fun photoshoot with your favourite old man! Natural shots will be taken as the photographer captures your relationship on film...
Click for more details
Star Wars Issue 1 - 1978 Fine Art Print
A great gift idea for any Star Wars fan, the Star Wars Issue 1 - 1978 Fine Art Print is an official, limited edition print that comes bagged with a backing board and a certifi...
Click for more details
Emergency Phone Charger
Never be out of power again with this sleek Emergency Phone Charger....
Click for more details
Paper Watch
It's difficult coming up with new design features for watches, they've been around for a while you see....
Click for more details
Man Mug
The Man Mug is a great gift for any real man who loves to DIY....
Click for more details
Tetris Epic Fail Mug
Gamers and fans of anything retro will love the officially licensed Tetris Epic Fail Mug....
Click for more details
Sci-Fi Movie Making Kit
The Sci-Fi Movie Making Kit contains a film studio, along with all the props and characters you need to create and direct your own B-Movie....
Click for more details
Drum Pen
The perfect gift for desktop tappers and professional drummers alike, the Drum Pen will allow you to practice your beats in between taking those important notes....
Click for more details
Man Flu Survivor Mug
They say man flu is more painful than child birth....
Click for more details
Snap Macro Lens for Phone Cameras
The Snap Macro Lens is a great way to shoot unique photos with the camera on your mobile phone....
Click for more details
Touch Control Joystick for Touch screens
The Touch Control Joystick is a smart phone game controller and retro gaming keychain all rolled into one! This compact joystick can be attached to a phone or tablet device an...
Click for more details
Magic Wine Bottle Holder
Abracadabra and boom you have it....
Click for more details
Victoriana The Strongman Porcelain Mug
Hark back to the Victorian period with this vintage styled mug, adorned with an old style weight lifter....
Click for more details
Father and Daughter Father's Day Photoshoot
A Father's Day present doesn't get better than a fun photoshoot with your favourite old man! Natural shots will be taken as the photographer captures your relationship on film...
Click for more details
Rice Krispies Vintage Cereal Jigsaw Puzzle
This vintage box of cereal looks almost good enough to eat....
Click for more details
IPhone Keyring with USB Charging Cable
You'll never have to worry about running out of battery on your iPhone again once you have this Keyring with a USB Charging Cable....
Click for more details
Cardboard Radio and MP3 Speaker
Housed in this minimal cardboard box is an FM radio, retractable aerial and a 9w speaker....
Click for more details
Zombie Gnome
This infected ornament will have your friendly garden gnomes running for cover....
Click for more details
Alcohol Breath Tester
The Alcohol Breath Tester is an easy and convenient way of testing the levels of alcohol in your blood....
Click for more details
Emergency Moustaches
Need to find a disguise at short notice? If you bump into an ex unexpectedly, or an old friend you don't fancy talking to - use the Emergency Moustache to instantly transform ...
Click for more details
Corkcicle - Original
The Corkcicle really is one of those 'why didn't I think of that' type products....
Click for more details

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