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Seaton Delaval Hall - Northumberland - by Wittyhoots

Posted by Wittyhoots on 12 July 2014 at 18:00

Seaton Delaval Hall is a National Trust Property. It has a playground made from natural materials, formal gardens, picnic areas, walks and wide open spaces to let your little ones run about. There are photographic and nature trails and designated bird spotting areas. The main hall is currently under restoration which you can actually view as it is taking place. Light refreshments are available from the coffee shop.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day out at Seaton Delaval Hall. The staff were very chatty and had extensive knowledge of the family who originally owned the estate, the estate's chequered history and of the restoration that was taking place in the main part of the hall.

The outside areas where delightful with both formal and informal gardens. It would be lovely to have a stroll along with grandparents and see the 300 year old weeping willow as well as the formal garden with working fountain.

Wittyhoots-Seaton Delaval Hall - Northumberland - by Wittyhoots-Seaton Delaval Hall Formal Gardens small.jpg

The estate also has a bird watching areas and picnic areas with wide open spaces ideal for little ones to run around and burn off any excess energy. The natural material play area is brilliant and allows children of all ages to stretch themselves and test their abilities in climbing and balancing.

Wittyhoots-Seaton Delaval Hall - Northumberland - by Wittyhoots-Childrens Balance Beams - Seaton Delaval Hallsmall.jpg

There is a small teashop in the East Wing (former stables) where you can buy light refreshments and there is also an area near the lily pond that sells ice cream and cold drinks.

Wittyhoots-Seaton Delaval Hall - Northumberland - by Wittyhoots-View of Court Yard from East Wing - Seaton Deleval Hall small.jpg
Wittyhoots-Seaton Delaval Hall - Northumberland - by Wittyhoots-Natural Material Play Area - Seaton Delaval Hallsmall.jpg

The West Wing is open to the public and shows where the family used to live after a major fire devastated the hall in the 19th Century. The Main Hall is currently being restored - however they have made some parts accessible to the public so it is interesting to find out more about the Hall and the fire itself.

Wittyhoots-Seaton Delaval Hall - Northumberland - by Wittyhoots-View of the West Wing from the Garden - Seaton Delaval Hallsmall.jpg

There are many different events being held in the ground including the recent North East Chilli Festival.

Seaton Delaval Hall is situated on the South Northumberland Coast and situated 5 miles east of the A1.

Check the National Trust Site for current opening times and entrance charges for non members. Entrance is free for National Trust Members.

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