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Reading Eggs update - how Little E has been getting on - by Mummytolittlee

Posted by Mummytolittlee on 27 August 2014 at 21:11

We're almost a month into using Reading Eggs and the novelty certainly hasn't worn off for Little E! Here is an update about how we've found the online reading program so far.

As well as the obvious benefit of improved literacy skills, we're really enjoying the mummy-son/daddy-son time that Reading Eggs is giving us. E loves the ritual of clearing the table, sitting next to me, and chatting away as I set up the programme, and I love that it gives us the one-on-one time which is so hard to come by when juggling two littles.
Reading Eggs update - how Little E has been getting on - by Mummytolittlee - reading eggs update.jpg


E has bounced his way through life thus far, and while I love (LOVE) his energy, I think it's important he learns to enjoy quiet moments too; in this respect I think Reading Eggs has come at a good time for him.

I think E is a little too young (at 3 and a half) for some parts of the Reading Eggs programme but it's proving to be a great way to encourage calm time during which he can make considered choices and talk through his thought process with us.

Mummy can work it. Phew!

The programme itself is really user-friendly, thank goodness! I must admit, when the mountain of books and stickers arrived I was a bit worried that, paired with the large interactive game, it would be a faff to navigate, but it's isn't at all. Your child works through the Reading Eggs programme using an interactive map. Each landmark on the map represents a set of games linked to a particular letter or sound, in turn they are linked to a book that you can work through simultaneously if you wish. Completing the games within each letter earns you gold coins and songs, and there are stickers accompanying the book sets which you can also give out.

Building resilience

Aside from the obvious pleasure it's bringing E, I really like the potential Reading Eggs has to build resilience in children. Each activity involves important repetition to allow your child to become familiar with either a sound, or the form of a letter or word. But if you find your child needs a little more practice on a particular section, or if they really enjoy playing on a certain activity then you can repeat it as many times as you wish.

The activities get more challenging as your child works through each letter, and at times (particularly when he's getting to the end of his session and is tired!) we've found that E gets frustrated and announces "I just can't do it!". As a teacher I recognise that those moments of frustration are priceless - if we respond to them in the right way now, there's a good chance E will develop the confidence and resilience to deal with them positively and independently further on in his education.

Thumbs up

Reading Eggs is proving to be a great way of introducing E to the school culture of sit-down-learning. He loves the interactive characters (and the fact that they praise him!) as well as the music, songs and games, and I love that he can take the lead and learn at his own pace by controlling the game. So it's a thumbs up from us so far! I'll be back soon with a final reflection on how far E has managed to get with the programme during our trial, and my thoughts about how suitable the programme is for the pre-school age group.

To find out more and get a free trial head over to the Reading Eggs website and see with no obligation whether your child enjoys it as much!

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