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OK.... so sometimes it is hard to know where to file something. That doesn't just apply to paperwork - it applies to Blog posts as well. So this is where posts which don't have another home or maybe just aren't about children come to live.

Fancy a break from talking about the family? Fetch a cup of tea and browse through.

Our favourite animal rucksack for kids - by Andy

Our favourite animal rucksack for kids - by Andy - hugmi2.png
I like Kickstarter as a concept. It's a great shop window for new businesses to showcase their ideas. Sometimes it is worth a browse just for some shopping ideas. We got asked to take a look at a new rucksack for kids...
Written by Andy

Would this help your child to wait for the green man - by Andy

Would this help your child to wait for the green man - by Andy - green man.jpg
Heck, waiting for the red man to disappear and be replaced by the green man can be boring for any of us, let alone a toddler......
Written by Andy

Would you take your baby to a spa? - by Andy

Would you take your baby to a spa? - by Andy - Image5.jpg
We took James to the Baby Spa in Kensington from when he was a few weeks old and have started the same thing with Isabella who had her first trip at only two weeks old and loved it! Can babies really relax?!...
Written by Andy

Hotel chain announces new Ambassador role and asks what makes a hotel child-friendly? - by Andy

Have you got what it takes to be a brand ambassador for a hotel chain? What made your summer hotel choice good or bad? Q Hotels are looking for a new brand ambassador to test out their hotels across the UK and commission...
Written by Andy

Addicted to fizzy drinks? I cut back and feel so much healthier! - by Andy

Addicted to fizzy drinks? I cut back and feel so much healthier! - by Andy - coca2.jpg
I have drunk way too much coke for years so I decided to wean myself off. How's it going?...
Written by Andy

What's in my Bounty Pack? - by Andy

One website in particular has it in for Bounty, but personally I love them because they give us free stuff. Here's what was in Isabella's Bounty pack...
Written by Andy

Dora The Explorer movie preview.... - by Andy

Dora The Explorer movie preview.... - by Andy - dora.jpg
I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw that there was a Dora the Explorer movie coming out. Then I saw the trailer...!...
Written by Andy

Make your own physics-defying slime for kids - by Andy

Andy-Make your own physics-defying slime for kids-gloop2.jpg
Most people hated Physics lessons at school, but that’s because they didn’t teach you the cool stuff. In this complete abuse of the laws of physics, we show you how to produce something that will seem disgusting but be e...
Written by Andy

The childrenarewelcome sponsored bloggers at Britmums Live - by Andy

We're just getting off the ground so what better way to reach out to the blogging world at large than to sponsor some bloggers at Britmums Live, the country's top event for parent bloggers?...
Written by Andy

Glow-in-the-dark and crayon bathtime fun - by Andy

Andy-Glow-in-the-dark and crayon bathtime fun-bath.jpg
Everyone loves bathtime with the kids but how do you make it a little different? With glowsticks or bath crayons....
Written by Andy

The Legendary Couscous Sandpit - by Andy

Andy-The Legendary Couscous Sandpit-photo (13).JPG
Wet outside? Want all of the fun of a sandpit but without the mess? Welcome to the couscous sandpit!...
Written by Andy

Sorry - my kids are getting colourful food. - by Andy

Andy-Sorry - my kids are getting colourful food.-octonauts.jpg
A recent highly personal attack upon one mum's quest to brighten up her kid's school lunch caused a bit of a stir. Our verdict? It's nice to see someone care enough to make the effort....
Written by Andy

Nursery for babies... is it right? - by Andy

Both mummy and daddy have full time jobs with long hours and so we had to make the decision over whether or not to put Doofy in nursery. Even if we have a day off he sometimes goes in. Does this make us bad parents?...
Written by Andy

Making pizza with toddlers - by Andy

Cooking can be fun for kids of all ages. Pizza is quick and easy to make and is a great way to introduce kids to ingredients as well as helping them to improve dexterity....
Written by Andy

A visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew - by Andy

Kew Gardens in West London hosts the world's largest collection of living plants, contains some great buildings and also makes a splendid effort to be child-friendly. It's an oasis of calm in a busy city....
Written by Andy

A trip to Kiddicare in Hayes - by Andy

There's a lot of hype about Kiddicare stores and we have one ten minutes down the road. So we loaded Doofy into the car and headed down. Kiddicare is one of the fastest growing companies in the baby and children's market...
Written by Andy

Visiting Pizza Express with a boddler - by Andy

Friday afternoon with Doofy at home so we decided to head out for a quick bite to eat. Pizza Express is a bit of a favourite family restaurant for many people but definitely worth a quick review.... and why watery pasta ...
Written by Andy

CenterParcs Weekend Break - by Andy

Last minute weekend break with a 7 year old. We decided on CenterParcs Longleat for a post-Christmas weekend break. We arrived late at night but everything was all set up ready for us when we got there....
Written by Andy