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Princess Diana Memorial Playground and Fountain - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Posted by Mum1stdoctor2nd on 20 September 2014 at 19:19

This great spot in Kensington is a wonderful place to take kids in the sunshine with lovely open grounds and a fountain for the kids to play around.


The playground is large enough to spend a morning in and has several different sections/areas. Doof's favourite bits were the mini wooden boats, the wigwams and the water feature/river/water taps. There is also a large pirate ship which looked really fun for the older kids but Doof was too young for it.

Princess Diana Memorial Playground and Fountain - by Mum1stdoctor2nd - pdpark.jpg

D would have happily spent HOURS playing with the water taps - next time I'll come better prepared with a change of dry clothes for him (he got soaked!) or if the weather is nice, maybe a pair of swim shorts.

And finally there is a cafe at the entrance that sells drinks and snacks/sandwiches as well as pushchair accessible bathrooms (essential!).


Before we went I read that there had been lots of accidents with people slipping and falling in the water so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. And indeed a sign at the entrance said you could dabble your feet in the water but that was about it... However that is definitely *not* what people were doing there!

The "fountain" is basically a large ring of water with a central grassy area. The ring is a couple of metres wide and has different 'sections' with sloping areas, rocky rapids, changing depths etc. Despite what I had read above it was full of children running circuits and (to my surprise as it was pretty slippery!) I didn't see anyone fall over!

Doof was 20 months and loved going in the water. It definitely helped that it was a hot day and remember to take spare clothes/nappies with you! Doof did a few laps of the ring although there were some areas that were a bit tricky for him to walk through (like the cobble rapids). Although that may also have been mummy being a bit overprotective!! And being 39 weeks pregnant i wasn't quite as nimble asIi can be! As there is no ledge round the fountain it means you can get right up to the waters edge so I was able to stay dry while walking in the central area but still hold Doof's hand while he was splashing in the fountain.

Princess Diana Memorial Playground and Fountain - by Mum1stdoctor2nd - pdfountain.jpg

We stayed here for about half an hour (and only left then because it started to rain and I was pooped!) but could easily have brought a picnic and stayed for much longer. It's also somewhere that bigger kids would find fun - in fact most kids on the water were older than D (age range about 3 to 15) and they all looked like they were having a lot of fun :)

Overall we had a great day out in Kensington Royal Parks and will definitely be going back to both places again.

My final comment though is the playground and fountain are a fair walk from each other - about 20 minutes. I suspect most families choose to visit one or the other. However it is possible to do both as we did (and I was 39 weeks pregnant at the time!) but just be prepared for a walk between the two!

How we got there:

There are lots of different ways to access the park via public transport and there is a pay&display car park next to the fountain. We got the 94 bus which dropped us opposite the playground entrance, then walked through the park to the fountain before exiting on Kensington high street and getting bus 9/10 back to Hammersmith.

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