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Blogs that contain the Pregnant tag

Most of our Bloggers will either have been pregnant or been the partner of someone who has been pregnant. Many of them have shared their experiences here for you to see. Many things that people are worried about are in fact perfectly normal, so learn from how others have dealt with pregnancy related issues.

When to tell people you are pregnant - by TinBoxTraveller

When to tell people you are pregnant - by TinBoxTraveller - Baby announcement.jpg
Announcing you are pregnant is a big deal and should be done at the right time for you. Here's how we broke the news to different people at different times....
Written by TinBoxTraveller

Guess the date and weight of our baby to win a waterslide - by Andy

Andy-Win a waterslide by guessing baby date and wait-1slide.jpg
Baby is due on August 5th and we thought that we would celebrate with a competition! Guess the date and weight of the new arrival to win...
Written by Andy

Waterbirths - a safe option? Doctors wade in... - by Andy

Andy-Waterbirths - a safe option? Doctors wade in...-aap.jpg
A new report from the American Academy of Pediatricians casts doubt on the safety and benefits of waterbirths. Had a waterbirth or planning one? Have your say....
Written by Andy

5 Things I Wish I Had Known As A New Parent - by Andy

Trial and error is how parenting works, but here are some things that I wish I had known before I had Doofy - it would have saved a lot of time!...
Written by Andy

What should dad-to-be pack in his hospital bag? - by Andy

Everybody always tells the mum-to-be what to pack in her hospital bag, but no-one ever tells dad what he'll need. Here's a few helpful tips of things that you will and will not need....
Written by Andy

What to pack in your hospital bag

Sometimes it pays to plan your hospital bag in advance. That way, when you are rushing out of the house you can be sure that you haven't forgotten anything. Here are my top tips on what to pack......
Written by Andy