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Personalised Rucksacks from Cheeky Baby Tees - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Posted by Mum1stdoctor2nd on 19 July 2014 at 15:54

Whether you want it to make your child's belongings easily identifiable or just to make sure that you take the right kid home after school, personalised rucksacks are a great idea.

Image (8).jpeg
Doof goes to nursery (you can read about our thoughts here and his nursery journey). As he has to take two changes of clothes with him, and have somewhere to put things like pictures he draws/cakes he makes, we decided he needed a nursery bag.

Obviously he could take any old carrier bag and it would do the job but proud mummy as I am I wanted him to have something nice and something that was “his”. So when I saw the personalised rucksacks on Cheeky Baby Tees I was instantly won over.

The bag arrived 3 days after ordering and was wrapped in tissue paper – nice bonus as Doof got to unwrap it like a present! They also included a discount voucher for future purchases – very useful as I have already picked out some very cute babygros for Doofling to model once she arrives :)


The bag itself feels good quality, with durable zips (they have withheld Doof manhandling them daily for the last 2 weeks) and lovely contrasting colours. The size is perfect – large enough to fit everything D needs for nursery but small enough that he can wear it on his back and not topple over backwards! One of the reasons I love personalised bags (which is particularly good in this one) is that they have your child's name on them. I know some people will try and scare you by saying that a stranger on the street will now know their name and might try and approach them... but I don't plan on letting D put of my sight anytime soon :) anyway back to why I love it. It is brilliant for teaching name/letter recognition. Doof is still pretty young but every time we pick his bag up I say "J" and point out the initial. And when we arrive at nursery we match the name on his bag with the name above his peg. Simple baby steps but he is still little! The writing on this bag is perfect as the letters are large, clear and contrast nicely from the background so are very easy for him to pick out. The only downside is I also taught him "m for mama" and now whenever he sees his names he points at the 'm' and says MAMA in a very excited voice. Oops. Mummy fail!!

Overall this bag gets a big thumbs up from both me and Doof. Now all I need to do is choose a name for Doofling so she can have a matching one :)

This is NOT a paid review, however the lovely people at Cheeky Baby Tees provided the rucksack free for Doofy. They are available for £14.99 from Cheeky Baby Tees. childrenarewelcome readers can enter CAW10 as a discount code and receive 10pc off making this a great bargain!

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