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Child-Friendly Online Goodies from childrenarewelcome

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Click! Isn't it great that shopping is as easy as that nowadays? The internet holds some fantastic bargains and gifts for families as well as giving you access to some of the more mundane things in life. All of our suppliers deliver to the UK and many of them have discounts available if you mention that you found them on our site. Have anywhere to recommend? Let us know! We always love to add great new ideas to the site.

For more suppliers, have a look at our toy, furniture, eating accessories, travelling, bathtime, safety products, clothing, shoe, sleeping, health and keepsake sections. Feeling a bit more cultured? Try our children's books section or if you need some top parenting tips how about our books for parents section.


Some of the childrenarewelcome favourites

Have you ever sat around in a pile of your baby's first clothes wondering whether to keep them or throw them away? They have hundreds of amazing memories attached to them and it's always a tear to get rid of them forever. Lovekeepcreate have a novel solution - send in your favourite items and we will create a personal keepsake that will let those memories live with your forever. Read More...

Lily and Me
Welcome to Lily and Me – gift boxes for mums-to-be and newborns. Our aim is to help you prepare and pack your hospital bag the easy way, so you have everything you need, when you need it. So sit back, relax and let Lily and Me take care of it for you! Read More...

Stop your baby crying and get them to sleep within minutes with the SweetDreamers® range of baby sleep products; helping restless babies and toddlers settle quickly and sleep soundly. ewan ® is our new baby sleep product that is already lulling thousands of babies and toddlers to sleep across the globe. The clever thing about soft cuddly ewan® is that he combines a range of 4 soothing sounds, including real womb and heart beat sounds, together with a calming pink glow to create a soothing environment that will quickly settle your little angel into a long and peaceful sleep..... Which of course means a great sleep for all the family too! Read More...

LoveKeepCreate Quilt - by Andy
Every parent likes their child to look presentable and nowadays, kids fashion is an important market. Parents spend a lot of money on clothes and it is a shame that most only get used for a very brief period. Partly due to my fascination with dressing James in weird and wonderful ways, he was left with an array of clothing by the time he was a year old, most of which was never going to be re-used. Read More...

Recent Blog Posts

Bibisili's bibs are the good-looking and functional way to keep your child clean at meal-times. Washable, flexible and fun, they come in a variety of designs and colours that your kids will love. Read More...

From Babies With Love
From Babies With Love.png
We donate 100% of our profit to the charity SOS Children. They build and run children's villages around the world to care for orphaned and abandoned children. Read More...

The Blissful Baby Expert
In The Blissful Baby Expert, Lisa Clegg draws on her own experience of motherhood and her professional life as a nanny and maternity nurse to share her essential, trusted advice. Gentle, reassuring and practical, her book guides you every step of the way from birth to two years. Read More...

Bibisili Bibs - by Andy
Ok - mealtimes with Doofy can be fun. However they can also be frustrating and messy. He's always trying to get his hands in the food and as soon as he has done that, you can guarantee that he is going to wipe them somewhere... normally across his chest. Having a bib, therefore, is completely essential if his clothes are going to make it through the day. Read More...