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LoveKeepCreate Quilt - by Andy

Posted by Andy on 16 December 2013 at 19:11

After a year of great memories with James, we were left with the heart-rending need to "rationalise" his clothes. At first we thought that this would lead to a big clear-out.... until we found LoveKeepCreate.

Every parent likes their child to look presentable and nowadays, kids fashion is an important market. Parents spend a lot of money on clothes and it is a shame that most only get used for a very brief period. Partly due to my fascination with dressing James in weird and wonderful ways, he was left with an array of clothing by the time he was a year old, most of which was never going to be re-used.

We heard off a friend on Twitter about LoveKeepCreate and took a look at their website. At first glance their creations looked good... but that may well have been due to a slick website and the fact that they were showcasing things that some very talented amateurs had made for their own kids. My wife spoke to them and decided that it was no risk really, as the clothes were going in the bin anyway. After an easily-completed online process, we had postage instructions and off went the garments.

As soon as they were delivered, the company obviously got them out and checked them as they contacted us with a couple of queries. It does say on the website that some items may not suit and that it is better to send too many items than too few, to allow them some discretion where their experience may mean that they can give good input. We were totally happy to let them do this as being artistic is not something that we would ever claim to be.

After a couple of weeks, we received the parcel back. I have to say that anticipation had been building over that period. We were initially sceptical that any item could truly capture the rollercoaster of a year that we had had, but as we surfed their site and read more reviews, we became more and more hopeful.

We were amazed when we opened up the package. The quilt was much, much better than we were expected. I am not sure that you can describe something so personal as "perfect", but this was definitely as close as you can get to that! The clothes had all been cut to form a lovely patchwork containing everything from his first Christmas t-shirt to his Route 66 t-shirt. The colours were well laid out, the stitching was all perfect and everything was put together on a lovely soft velour-type material that you just want to cuddle into.

The quilt is big enough to easily cover a single bed and to be honest would make an excellent throw for a queen-sized bed as well (obviously check the dimensions on what you order!). The only difficulty now is that we don't want to use it in case we get it dirty :) . Although I guess the company will happily make us a quilt out of our old quilts in a decade's time!

All-in-all this was a really great product that was easy to arrange and we are over-joyed that we did it.

For more information, take a look here.

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