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How to get beautiful photos of your kids in the sunshine - by Kellyreeves

Posted by Kellyreeves on 30 June 2014 at 12:13

One of the toughest challenges for an amateur photographer is capturing the perfect image of your child playing in the sunshine. It looks great in real life, but how do you get that into a photo?

Fear not - this is not the place to overwhelm you with technical jargon or bore you with shutter speeds, apertures and ISO. No, I am going to share a few tips and ideas that you can hopefully put into practice right away. Well we are being totally spoilt at the moment with lots of sunshine!
Kellyreeves-How to get beautiful photos of your kids in the sunshine-Kelly1.jpg
It's a beautiful sunny day, grab the camera, the picnic and the children and off you go! Bright glorious sunshine is perfect weather to achieve a great photograph, right? Actually that could not be further from the truth - bright direct sunlight will create harsh nasty shadows on your little ones lovely faces. It will make them pull strange squinty faces too - not very flattering!

The sun is at it strongest and highest during the hours of 10am - 4pm. It is naturally better to avoid these hours if at all possible. As we know, it is between these hours that you will be most likely to want to take pictures of your children. So what do you do now?

Does this mean you will never get that amazing photo of your cool dude on the beach or your princess running through a field of flowers on a gorgeous sunny morning? Of course not - do not despair, there are certain things you can do.

Kellyreeves-How to get beautiful photos of your kids in the sunshine-Kelly2.jpg
Firstly, try encouraging your children into a shady open area, with the sun behind them. This will create a nice natural even light over the child, whilst making the background appear extremely bright - stunning. The simplest solutions can sometimes the best!

Secondly, think about your perspective. Changing this even slightly can alter the angle of the sun on your child or your camera. Moving yourself around, getting up high or down low could be all it takes. Don’t be conscious of what you may look like whilst doing this, after all you will be the one with the awesome photos that everyone envies!

Next up, on with your flash! I know what you’re thinking, why a flash in broad daylight? A flash will fill in any shadows and give the appearance of a more even spread of light. Again contrary to what we were all taught years ago, position your child with the sun behind them. This will make for really lovely natural looking light.

There are also reflectors, filters, lens hoods, and camera settings that could all help when taking photos in sunny conditions. I will be covering all of these over on my blog which is coming to my website soon.

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