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Sometimes it would be nice if the kids liked stamp collecting or drawing quietly, but normally they are far too busy running around and causing chaos! We've listed some of our Blog posts in here with suggestions for new hobbies, arts and crafts and other ways to keep your children entertained. Who knows? One of them might buy you five minutes of peace and quiet....

Fridge magnet footprints - by Andy

Fridge magnet footprints - by Andy - photo16.jpg
Cheap and easy to do, this afternoon's project was making fridge magnet footprints for the grandparents. Cheap and surprisingly easy to do....
Written by Andy

City Screen Picturehouse - by Mother of Dragons

When I was pregnant people seemed to delight in telling me that once the baby arrived I wouldn't have time to go to the Cinema anymore (amongst many other things). Clearly they hadn't heard of City Screen....
Written by Mother of Dragons

Dalby Forest and the Great Gruffalo Forest Tour - by Mother of Dragons

2014 is the 15th anniversary of the publication of Julia Donaldson's "Gruffalo", and the Forestry Commission Has organised a series of events to mark the occasion. We went to the beautiful Dalby Forest to meet him....
Written by Mother of Dragons

National Railway Museum - by Mother of Dragons

Near the top of any list of things to do with children in York must surely be a trip to the National Railway Museum. Here's why....
Written by Mother of Dragons

CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace - by Bloggermumma

A celebration to all things countryside !...
Written by Bloggermumma

The best bath-time fun ever for a child - by Mum1stdoctor2nd

Mum1stdoctor2nd-Is this the best bath-time fun ever for a child? - by Mum1stdoctor2nd-image (1).jpeg
Ever since the ace Vitamin B bath I've been thinking of other ways to 'brighten' up bathtime and make use of our blacklight torch. So enter neon paints......
Written by Mum1stdoctor2nd

More bathtime fun - by Andy

Andy-More bathtime fun-photo (2).JPG
Awesome colour tablets from Crayola make bathtime a rainbow spectacular!...
Written by Andy

How to get beautiful photos of your kids in the sunshine - by Kellyreeves

Kellyreeves-How to get beautiful photos of your kids in the sunshine-Kelly1.jpg
One of the toughest challenges for an amateur photographer is capturing the perfect image of your child playing in the sunshine. It looks great in real life, but how do you get that into a photo?...
Written by Kellyreeves

Make your own physics-defying slime for kids - by Andy

Andy-Make your own physics-defying slime for kids-gloop2.jpg
Most people hated Physics lessons at school, but that’s because they didn’t teach you the cool stuff. In this complete abuse of the laws of physics, we show you how to produce something that will seem disgusting but be e...
Written by Andy

Making cakes with a toddler - by Andy

Andy-Making cakes with a toddler-photo (14).JPG
Nothing is yummier than cakes. Nothing. We decided to let Doofy loose to make some cakes. He's 18 months old and not amazingly co-ordinated but he loved it :)...
Written by Andy

Mega Bloks First Builders 60 piece pack. - by Andy

Andy-Mega Bloks First Builders 60 piece pack. -image (11).jpeg
Whilst Lego have the monopoly on building blocks for older children, there's plenty of choice on the market for younger children. We took a look at the Mega Bloks First Builders Pack with an 18mth old and a 7 year old....
Written by Andy

I want my child to like sport - by Andy

Andy-I want my child to like sport-sporty.jpg
I love lots of sports. Unfortunately my eldest son doesn't. How on earth do I get him to like it more? Should I even be trying?...
Written by Andy

Can you use sweets as a path to discovery?! - by Andy

Andy-Can you use sweets as a path to discovery?!-DP Body Bits 160g Bag jpeg.jpg
Probably one of the weirdest questions that I have ever been forced to ask myself, but one sweet company is trying to do this. We were invited along to listen to their pitch and make up our own minds...
Written by Andy

Making pizza with toddlers - by Andy

Cooking can be fun for kids of all ages. Pizza is quick and easy to make and is a great way to introduce kids to ingredients as well as helping them to improve dexterity....
Written by Andy

Tomy Be Baby Aqua Splash n Print - by Andy

Having fun without creating a mess can be a bit of a challenge with a toddler. Wax crayons and paint can quickly become a real headache to clean up. Toddlers don't really need multi-coloured paints anyway when they first...
Written by Andy

CenterParcs Weekend Break - by Andy

Last minute weekend break with a 7 year old. We decided on CenterParcs Longleat for a post-Christmas weekend break. We arrived late at night but everything was all set up ready for us when we got there....
Written by Andy