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Fridge magnet footprints - by Andy

Posted by Andy on 13 September 2014 at 19:11

Cheap and easy to do, this afternoon's project was making fridge magnet footprints for the grandparents. Cheap and surprisingly easy to do.

My parents collect fridge magnets of places that they go and the lovely @mum1stdoctor2nd in one of her regular perusals of what Tiger has to offer discovered that they have started stocking "Draw Your Own Magnet" sheets.

The magnet packs come with 2 x A5 sized sheets and you can draw on them with felt tips or regular pens, so no extra equipment is needed. The packs only cost £2.

Fridge magnet footprints - by Andy - photo (14).jpg

You can do some googling and find other suppliers if you don't have another supplier nearby. (This post is not sponsored by the way!). Yellow Moon sell A4 sized sheets which don't say that they can be written on but may be worth a try if you wanted to make the footprints on paper and then add the magnetic backing afterwards!

Tiger also sell stripey ink pads with a rainbow of colours on them. Again you can find these easily on Google.

Next step is to to take the child and ink their foot thoroughly. For the baby, this was pretty straightforward but for the toddler we had to distract him whilst we did it.

To apply the foot to the magnetic sheet without smudging is a bit tricky and we had to have a couple of goes at it. You need to apply a small amount of pressure. With the toddler, we picked him up and lowered him onto the sheet, gradually putting all of his weight on it.

If you are looking for more arts and crafts stuff, we love Yellow Moon's stuff. Lots of cheap things to do with the kids. Have a look at the banner below!

Fridge magnet footprints - by Andy - photo15.jpg
As you can see, you can get a few prints onto each sheet so there is a bit of room for error.

Fridge magnet footprints - by Andy - photo16.jpg
Finally, use kitchen scissors to cut around the shape and stick it onto the fridge or post it to grandparents. A lovely personalised present that costs about 35p each and act as a great keepsake. It also is an easy 20 minute art and craft activity with children and we spent time after it making handprints on paper with James, which he loved!

Have you got any other great things that the kids can make to send to grandparents? Let us know or even post up a link to things that you have done!

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