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Bills, Chiswick - by Andy

Posted by Andy on 09 January 2014 at 23:25

Bills is another restaurant chain that seems to be growing rapidly across our high streets. How do they measure up to the competition? How does eating at Bills work with a baby? Pretty well it transpires!

Chiswick High Road has a profusion of restaurants, with more popping up seemingly all of the time. I have to say that I can't even recall what was on the site before, but Bills have found themselves a prime site with a large floorplan that has been stylishly done out. It's also less than two minutes walk from home, so one Saturday afternoon we staggered in for an early tea with both kids in tow.

The first thing that you notice is just how busy it is. Don't bother just rocking up and hoping to get a table, as you probably won't get one. Annoying for people like me who don't really do forward planning, but I guess it is a good sign of just how rapidly Bills has gained a following. Contact details are here.

Unfortunately, this does lead to the restaurant having a slightly cramped feel when you walk in. Once you get to the table, it feels a bit more spacious, but fitting a double buggy in through the hordes may be a bit of a squeeze. When we arrived, we were lucky enough to get a table at the side of the room so the Bugaboo was easily stored by the side of the table with no problems.

The service was quick and courteous, especially considering how busy they were. All too often you go to a busy restaurant only to end up feeling ignored by the staff but at Bills they were very attentive from the very start. The menu is good with a real mix of items... from fish finger sandwiches through to steak. The kids menu also has a good range of choice for kids (though I bet they don't sell much of the hummus and pita breads when there are burgers on offer!).

Our food was excellent. I had the adult burger with bacon on top and just couldn't stop eating until I was finished it was so good. The 7 year old's burger wasn't much smaller to be honest and again was well cooked, freshly made and served with crisp salad (which he studiously avoided). At £5.95, the kids meal comes with an ice cream as well - Bills is another restaurant chain that is really buying into being child-friendly at reasonable prices.

The one year old had a bowl of pasta which he really enjoyed in combination with the bread platter. Pasta makes great finger food. Hmmmm, maybe restaurants should start doing a "Weaning Platter" for nine months to fifteen month olds? A few carrots, bit of bread, bit of pasta, bit of cheese? Cheap to make :)

Anyway, all in all a good experience for us and worth a visit. They have locations spreading all over now so check their website for one near you.

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