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Bibisili Bibs

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Bibisili's bibs are the good-looking and functional way to keep your child clean at meal-times. Washable, flexible and fun, they come in a variety of designs and colours that your kids will love.

Our bibs add a little touch of style to mealtimes. They come in a range of unique and eye-catching designs that make weaning and feeding fun for your baby or toddler. They aren't just great for kids either - manufactured from 100% silicone, you can wash them in soapy water or in the dishwasher with absolute certainty that the smooth untextured surface will come out absolutely spotless time and time again. With an adjustable neck and crumb-catcher, they will fit any baby or toddler perfectly.

Our bibs are totally flexible - meaning that you can roll them up easily and that makes them perfect for travelling. Have a browse around our shop to see some of our fantastic designs.

Benefits of silicone bibs over traditional materials

Silicone is a perfect material for bibs and customers love them. Our food-grade silicone is 100% lead BPA and phthalate free and is also odourless and taste-free.

Better still, our bibs are dishwasher and even microwave safe because they are totally heat-resistant. The smooth, non-organic surface won't suppport bacteria, mould or fungus and they are a much more hygenic alternative to cotton and fabric. Read more about the benefits of silicone on our website.

Love our designs? Let us know and enter into our regular competitions.


Bibisili Bibs - by Andy

You know how everyone tells you that food times with babies are fun? Well they are.... right up until the point where you have to clean up. We bought a couple of Bibisili bibs to see if they improved things....
Written by Andy

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