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Battersea Park Children's Zoo - by Andy

Posted by Andy on 05 May 2014 at 18:39

Battersea Park Zoo in London is a great alternative to the "big attractions" that people fall over themselves to visit. We took Doofy along to check out the venue.

Battersea Park

The park itself is located on the South side of the Thames between the Albert Bridge and Chelsea Bridge. It is easy not to notice it as you drive along the Embankment as it can just look like a tree-lined walkway.

However, once you get inside, it opens up to be a substantial-sized park with lots of different lawns and activities, including bicycle hire. The Pagoda is probably the best known landmark but all of the pathways and trees are impeccably maintained, making it in my opinion one of the most pristine parks in London. Most importantly, it never feels that busy when you get away from the main hub. Unlike Regents Park, Hyde Park etc, there is always space to lay out your picnic blanket and settle down to laze in the sun. We were there on a Bank Holiday Monday in the sun and never felt swarmed with people. There are several ice cream vans and small cafes dotted around and the surrounding area has plenty of shops to buy picnic essentials.

There is parking within the park itself and it is only across the road from Battersea Park Station on the mainline and lots of buses pass by.

All-in-all, Battersea Park gets a massive thumbs up from us!

Battersea Park Zoo

Andy-Battersea Park Children's Zoo-photo (10).JPG
The zoo itself is reasonably priced for what it is :
  • Adults - £8.75
  • Child (2 to 15 years) - £6.50
  • Family Ticket - £28.00 (2 adults + 2 children) or (1 adult + 3 children)
  • Seniors - £7.50
  • Disabled/special needs adult - £7.50
  • Disabled/special needs child - £5.50

as long as you are aware that this is NOT London Zoo. There are no tigers or elephants! There are meerkats, a variety of rodents, a LOT of monkeys, some donkeys, some emus, pigs, rabbits, snakes and lizards. Whilst this is not going to appeal to a teenager, it is delightful for toddlers and children up to about six or seven because they can get really close to the animals.

Most of the cases are set low, so that little people can peer in and most of the larger animals in the enclosures are close enough to touch if you wanted to (but don't!). This gives a really great "up close and personal" feel to the place. Doofy loved it and was very pleased to see all of the animals. His highlight was the crocodile that he saw (it was actually a bearded dragon but don't tell him that).

There are regular feeding times, a mother and baby feeding room and ramps everywhere for buggies. It is without doubt one of the child-friendliest places in town.

The area itself is pretty small but you can easily spend a couple of hours looking at the animals as the monkeys and meerkats are very active and entertaining for small people. At the end there is a play area with a great little adventure playground that Doofy loved.

All-in-all, it was money well spent. Season tickets are available but seemed VERY expensive compared with the very reasonable ticket price. Definitely one of the best value half days out in London and would be easy to combine with something like the National Army Museum over the river and a picnic. #doofyapproved.

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