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Accommodation for families - the growth of the Family Room - by Andy

Posted by Andy on 16 May 2014 at 22:09

Staying away for a night can be a relaxing break even with the kids in tow... even if you don't want them in a separate room. It's affordable and achievable.

A very short post from me - more of a musing, brought on by Travelodge's 'Kids Go Free' Offer that I was just sent through. For us, family rooms are an affordable way to travel. They aren't perfect necessarily for a fortnight away, but they can be perfect for a quick weekend break in the UK or if you are doing a roadtrip.

At this point, I'll point you towards a couple of posts that I wrote about our roadtrip around New England where we discuss our hotel selections and the rationale behind them :

Staying at the Seaport Boston Hotel with a baby

Staying at the Cape Codder Resort with a baby

In both cases, we were only staying for 3 or 4 nights with a young baby and a family room was perfect! We ordered takeout every night (I slipped down to collect it whilst mummy babysat) and Doofy was always looked after in the same room.

In the US, admittedly, rooms are bigger, but in the UK we are seeing more chains starting to offer Family Rooms and this can only be a good thing for those of us who want to get away for a night.

Now that we have a second one on the way, I think that foreign travel will be a little more difficult but hopefully this will open our eyes a bit more to the UK. I think that in the last four years we have probably spent 80 nights in hotels abroad but only 3 in the UK.

Family Rooms vs Adjoining Rooms

  • A lot of hotels no longer offer adjoining rooms or their high-tech booking systems won't let them guarantee it, as ridiculous as that seems!
  • Adjoining rooms can give mischievous kids a little bit too much freedom! - Screen time? Minibar filled with chocolate?!?!
  • We have all had that nagging fear about someone trying to run off with our child and an adjoining room at 3am when you wake with a start can seem as far away as a whole different hotel!
  • For a kid, a family room is an adventure - a chance to have a camp out with mummy and daddy. It is as much a fun part of the break as anything that you will do
  • Admit it - there's nothing nicer than the gentle snuffling of a sleeping child :)

So, all-in-all I think that Travelodge deserve a bit of a pat on the back for making a big drive to have family rooms in all of their hotels. Fancy a break? Type in where you want to go in our Find a Location box and see what we have to offer, or go to the Travelodge site.

With kids staying free (and eating breakfast free if the adults are eating!) it is not something to be sniffed at and we will certainly try a couple of bargain weekends away.

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